Friday, October 27, 2006

when they walk through ash, they'll name us by city.

Well I loved this town like you did
Ill burn it to the ground
Packed your things and then
You were gone
Called a new place home

Like you do
And you'll never change

More than lights expose who you are.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

eyes locked for hollows.

i have been trying to finish the newest mix for many, many months it feels like. it's actually only been just short of three months. but it's just not coming together. it's because music has been very shallow lately. there are a few things that i've been working backwards on, but just about everything coming out that's new is uninteresting. the two big releases of the past two weeks? puff daddy, and brooke hogan.

such is The Industry.

a few suggestions.
1) read the site.
2) Oh, Sleeper: Legit breakdowns.
3) Sparta: the new record is not disappointing.
4) Misery Signals: the new material blows the old stuff out of the water. less dense, more experimental on their end. the new singer more than fills the old shoes.
5) John Legend: straight up r&b.
6) Fields: the first song on their profile is off of a new album which i'm instantly excited about.

so much has changed in a month's time, and it's hard to verbify it. i moved out of north miami beach, and down to south beach. dave got married and needed room for the mama rabbit. plus... i mean...

i sort of met someone.

it's hard to convince or describe to anyone the spontaneous eruption that ended up being Us. i think i actually might have said, "there's a new girl at work. she seems like she'd be really... interesting to talk to." i think this came at a completely random point in my conversation. i think it was obvious.

I'm in Love.