Tuesday, January 29, 2008

and they all leave.

During the 1950's the town was deserted and the dunes began to reclaim what was always theirs.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the persians!

it hurts to text message. that's where i'm at right now. my fingertips feel dense. my knees feel rusted. my teeth feel uprooted. my back feels freezedried. what happened here. i feel like i'm going through withdrawal. i can't stand loud noises.

i started writing my dreams down. i don't remember them, and i don't want to read them for a long, long time.

i finally own american football's album.

i feel like i need to be on a stretcher.

Monday, January 14, 2008

i apologize. i'm a bit distracted.

portioned falling. so much collapse,
35mm stillframes,
momentum building.
hollow skeleton partitioned for the sake of flight. overcoming a solo meeting place. she writes forever, face plastered on hologram posters, shouting "REBELLION."
i will. i will.
i was told i was jaded because i was world weary. what's next? i can't meditate anymore. slothing through death, like i sloth through death. too many lines. oh, she screams and speaks like she's with me on the road about nobody but everybody. "that which is not, IS." aspects of one person that you come to face. one brain, two rules. my body is far too happy as she mumbles so i hear it, "i want to take you somewhere beautiful." a fear of botany. i want to kiss her in front of everybody and just have it be what it is. And this machine needs fuel. SO WE FUEL IT!

Friday, January 11, 2008

dead teeth.

pachefsky gave me a heads up about this anime last night over drinks at friday's. i know he's talked about it a little bit since he's been back on break, but usually, i take nothing he says seriously. there are only a few people whose opinion i can take to heart, and only about certain things. recomendations can only really come when you not only know and like what you're pitching, but also knowing the person you're pitching it to. i would never recommend look, mexico to rahul, for example.

but this time, he's come through in the clutch. i've only seen the first episode, but it's pretty solid so far.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

el arbol.

we both took things from him.
hers are just a bit more worn on the outside.
the alcoholism the blind fury.

i've got little bits of his hidden psychoses.
the ones that are there for minutes at a time when he talks to himself, circling the kitchen. the ones that make him thrash in his sleep. whatever it was inside him that made him say, "the family that kills together, dies together. and they all get into their little black moods."

it'd make me fear him if i didn't go there myself, sometimes.

and i know when She passes, most likely from lung cancer or emphysema, he is going to go into a fierce plummet. there will be darkness and there will be blindness. we're all going to go down.

let's not talk about this again.

Monday, January 07, 2008

american girl.

we try terrible hard
to make them hear our
voices but we're saying
nothing. we are bored
with ourselves. daring in
or sleeping still. i'll call
you back tomorrow when
i think of what i meant.
i really don't even
remember that night and i
almost got so sick, but
i went to work instead.
and shit... we have to keep
living this year.

the dead alive!


the remainder.

someone random. insert picture. ummm. dave. there is a damnit [in] the place of the [despicable]. feel me. when u don't know [what's] hitting u its [going] to be [calamity]. muscle memory intermittently. it's silence. no [music] a silence. and [the] ones I love are the ones that make [my] [voice hit]. and the ones that oh my [god].

Sunday, January 06, 2008

the sun approaches.

we wouldn't know what to do with each other. and eventually, we'd have nothing to talk about. there's nothing that you want to do that amounts to much more than stories of the other night. and there's nothing that i want to do that amounts to much more than plans i think i'm trying to make. i wish i wasn't addicted to falling in love. at least then, i could take this as far as i knew it would go. but i still stick to the belief that guilt beats hate. you just won't do; you're the kind of person that asks why. we could do this if i got beautiful and dirty. we could do this if i got beautiful and dirty. and it's not really tearing me up.

i didn't know who you were before i met you but i swallowed hard every time i saw you.

i could probably never turn you around.
you just don't have the right kind of eyes.
and i bet you still don't touch pen to paper.
i actually don't even believe in you.

i'd have to be the kind of man that would fight the kind of man that i am.
my canvas jacket would be worn thin everywhere.
i'd wear filthy boots caked with mud.
i'd wear hats.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

i should stop being who i am.

the movie for which the above poster was printed for was slow, and long but amazing. the most i can say for anyone with nearly three hours to spend watching turn-of-the-century oil drilling is JUST WATCH DANIEL DAY LEWIS. get the DVD and fast forward if need-be. the man made art of a character.

there are many things that i want to do, in some level of priority listed hereafter.

- watch the game
- respond to that e-mail
- finish reading water for elephants (& on the road & wastelands)
- finish half life 2
- watch the cell (& ghostbusters & bloodsport & fido & pit fighter & shutter)
- watch gangs of new york (& the pursuit of happyness & it's a wonderful life)
- watch constantine on HD (& children of men)
- play more NY TIMES CROSSWORD PUZZLE on DS (& finish new super mario bros.)
- listen to the gaslight anthem's album parker had recommended (& the tegan and sara album kimi recommended)
- start reading junky (& only revelations & romannitarian & dermaphoria)
- get rollins tickets
- get through the series gungrave (& battlestar galactica & the grim adventures of billy and mandy & lost season 2 & foster's home for imaginary children & firefly again & malcolm in the middle)
- be well
- make shirts (or A shirt)
- get new shoes
- get a cable box so i can watch television in HD
- shower
- finish bioshock (& mass effect)
- start condemned (& assassin's creed & fear files & gears of war & dead rising & crackdown & lego star wars)
- write this blog.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

what would it be like if jared leto had a tail? the talented, beautiful, versatile lead singer/actor/walking portrait with another extremity. and i'm not talking about an easily manicured tiger striped three foot exotic tail, as we've seen in sci-fi movies used as an additional layer of attraction. i'm talking about a nasty, hard to maintain, impossible to remove freak of nature tail. the kind that looks like a skin tag that wouldn't quit.

what would u do then, ladies?
what would u do.

i'm just trying to even the field.