Thursday, January 27, 2011

cold webbing.

i was unbelievably afloat for about two hours today while commuting home and then resting when i returned to the apartment today. too much caffeine. far too much caffeine. the kind that made me feel boiled over and living weeks throughout my single moment to moment passing. i'm now out of the spell, but feeling bombed out and starry eyed, and begging for the effects to return. i get there sometimes. it spurns on creation unbelievable. i am massively inspired by just those golden moments, the ones where you're electrifying all of those points you'd wanted to comment about and the miracles you want to portrait onto maps and canvases. there's a demon who leads me back, though. one to escort me over the threshold i'd gone through.

i've made a new commitment for this year, and i can only thank my unbelievable crew of friends who are artists or who aren't. some of us create, some of us build, some of us charge onwards just for the sake of the forward momentum's existence.

for me, one of the funniest things on earth and in humanity is the act of taking one's self too seriously. however. it seems that most times when i'm pushing myself to be as confessional as possible, as earnest and pure as i can, i am taking myself more seriously than most people i interact with on a regular basis. i find myself blindtyping, not looking at any of the words coming out, not thinking or reconsidering or editing, and i feel alight with profundity and inertia. then i stop, if only for a second, and i look at what i've written, think about what i'm saying, think about my standards, think about those reading it, and i want to go back and dash it all away, ruin it, spit on it, mock it, spoof it, parody it... it's a fucked existence. not that i'm at all tortured. i've definitely started finding an okay meeting place between the two, and i think i've become aware at how hypocritical a lot of it can seem when i come down to being my most judgmental. i'm trying to keep present in that going forward, and i feel like it's my biggest opportunity to grow from.

really, there are few people i surround myself with who would oppose to me writing and being open as i am... and also few people who are in my circle who would be disappointed at me keeping even just a few of my judgments to myself.

no poet and no artist who has ever created something true and pure has ever stopped themselves because they felt it's coming across as too genuine or too honest. and anyone who's ever said anything to that extent about another's work is just another step outside of the kind of person who art has ever been created for or spoken to.

let's be this, all of you.