Friday, January 22, 2016

heavier than air.

the swimming semen a fuel, an alchemist's
conception for the creation of flesh.
Step One of Man.
the extract of Man
 to build
> teeth
> eyes
> skin
> soul
> heartbeats
the blood, a suspended mold
petrified history.
confined to a corpse delayed by a lifespan.

plumes of the birth of Man,
pearlescent bulbs growing out of
species in anti-gravity.
results of a great many of us
all dreadfully lucky,
all dreadfully alive
taking for granted the fact that
our Sun doesn't consistently set us on fire.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Sizzling Disdain.

it's really weird that at some point, a kid or a young person is going to make an okay joke or a good humorous comment and people are going to easily laugh or calmly  be like, "ahh, nice one" and then it's not going to have to go anywhere else. and the kid is going to be disappointed because no one trolled him and no one tried to make him get one upped or no one is going to be negative about it. and someone is going to have to be like, "see? not everyone is trying to be sarcastic, sardonic, negative dipshits". at that point, the kid will have to make a hard decision to stop trying so fucking hard all the time OR to just kind of roll with everything WHILE STILL trying to leave all that garbage behind.

it's tough, man.