Saturday, January 05, 2008

i should stop being who i am.

the movie for which the above poster was printed for was slow, and long but amazing. the most i can say for anyone with nearly three hours to spend watching turn-of-the-century oil drilling is JUST WATCH DANIEL DAY LEWIS. get the DVD and fast forward if need-be. the man made art of a character.

there are many things that i want to do, in some level of priority listed hereafter.

- watch the game
- respond to that e-mail
- finish reading water for elephants (& on the road & wastelands)
- finish half life 2
- watch the cell (& ghostbusters & bloodsport & fido & pit fighter & shutter)
- watch gangs of new york (& the pursuit of happyness & it's a wonderful life)
- watch constantine on HD (& children of men)
- play more NY TIMES CROSSWORD PUZZLE on DS (& finish new super mario bros.)
- listen to the gaslight anthem's album parker had recommended (& the tegan and sara album kimi recommended)
- start reading junky (& only revelations & romannitarian & dermaphoria)
- get rollins tickets
- get through the series gungrave (& battlestar galactica & the grim adventures of billy and mandy & lost season 2 & foster's home for imaginary children & firefly again & malcolm in the middle)
- be well
- make shirts (or A shirt)
- get new shoes
- get a cable box so i can watch television in HD
- shower
- finish bioshock (& mass effect)
- start condemned (& assassin's creed & fear files & gears of war & dead rising & crackdown & lego star wars)
- write this blog.

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