Sunday, March 05, 2006

the fear of having something to say.

i don't even want to get into this right now. i want to delete my delete key so i can't fix any mistakes that i make. i see the way these kids live their lives and fill them with nothing but the inner layer. there is no peripheral, no outside, no future. and that's just how their lives will carry on. they'll figure something out, and move on. they'll leave the (r)evolution for the next generation.

smell the leaves, tell me they won't hit nice.

tonight, it's not what she was wearing, it's what she wasn't wearing.
don't tell me these things. why do you tell me these things.

i feel my tongue rest on the top of my mouth. the roof of my mouth. salivate the rumor, salivate the memory. one drop at a time, salivate the muscle housings. penetrate and taste secrets. taste teeth. taste blood walls.

i thought about beautiful who shouldn't be a pretty girl to me.
i thought about a new beautiful who i never expected to think about.
i thought about beautiful who i just saw.

a cello plays deeply.

dawn is here

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