Tuesday, September 05, 2006

a date.

i was on myspace looking through some bands that i hadn't heard about in a while. the hope conspiracy and ratatat just came out with records last week, and i was curious if i should buy them or not. i then went onto iron & wine's to see what/if he was doing anything [plus, i found out he was from miami] and then went to modest mouse's site to see if something was going down with them, and saw that they were playing some situation in miami on november 11th. i thought it was a joke. so i checked it out, and it said they were playing with gnarls barkley. this had to be a joke.

clicks later, this is no fucking joke.

the artists that i'm psyched about performing?
duran duran, tiesto, common, daft punk, gnarls barkley, modest mouse, thievery corporation.

the rest?
jesus. i'm about to spend a good chunk of my day looking through what these people are about. i'm psyched. they have a player on the site which i hope includes at least one gateway song for each. most of them seem to be solo artists named by their name which means DJs and such. i have NO problem with that

george acosta. hirofumi ohta.

also performing:

if you're not down with beat, electronic, or dance music, understandably, you're not going to be into this sort've event. but for a full day from eleven AM until midnight, this will be a day where i think being in miami will completely pay off.
it's been raining for three days. our lake is exceeding its threshold. even the ducks don't know what to do. i went to the management office this morning. i walked through puddles. huge ones. shin deep ones. it's a huge difference between me and the people i hangout with on a regular basis. the people at home. some of the things that i do, if it wasn't for me knowing them, those people would probably be pointing and laughing. i figure that might give them some insight on different people, but it doesn't.

i do, i worry about being too much of a child for this world, this life. but i really don't know how else to enjoy it. i don't take a lot out of technological toys. i'm not going to have a huge home one day to outlandishly illustrate within. it's always been the little things. maybe i've been instilled with too much of an appreciation for them, that it's hard for me to see outside of them.

i do, i think about the gene of the traveller. they're out there. they're everywhere. what is it that makes people want to be constantly on the move, and on the go. what makes people want to take these places down as words, and photographs, and sketches? i don't come from a horrible place. in fact, i don't think i could have had a better upbringing, or environment to come up in.

there are few things that make me more excited than the prospects and possibilities of who and what lies beyond these borders and these shores. i'm being completely honest with you. to think that somewhere, in london, there's a kid who loves a band as much as i love fairweather. the fact that, quite possibly, i've never heard of this band. i want to meet this guy, have him need to make me a mix CD. to have that feeling that it won't be enough for me to hear it on my own. i want to see his face, and his fingers while he's telling me how this band made his last few months.

this, over and over and over.
it's still raining.


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