Wednesday, April 15, 2009

wilderness, jim morrisson.

i had heard that someone was surprised i hadn't been at all interested in jim morrisson's writing, seeing that i myself mess around here and there. i mean, i tried listening to the doors a couple times, and wasn't into them at all. for a band that was supposed to be so edgy and pushing the boundaries, it sounded way too safe for me. all that mysticism rubbish, gone by the wayside. but i decided to check out a book of specifically jim morrisson's, after hearing a few tracks from AN AMERICAN PRAYER, which was meant to be his spoken word. it was actually somewhat convincing. after noticing that there was a fairly clear line drawn between jim himself and the band the doors, i was definitely swayed in a new direction. i'm not passionately in love with the man or his work, but he definitely says some good stuff and had a talent and a drive that is certainly rare.

' have you ever seen god?'
-- a mandala, a symmetrical angel' "

"drugs are a bet with your mind."

"mouth fills with taste of copper.
chinese paper. foreign money. old posters."

"(panic in a horse's eye
that can spread & fill
an entire sky.)"

"she's selling news in the market
time in the hall
the girls of the factory
rolling cigars
they haven't invented musak yet
so i read to them
a horror story from the gothic age
a gruesome romance
from the LA

i have a vision of america
seen from the air:
28,000 ft. and going fast.

a one-armed man in a texas
parking labyrinth
a burnt tree like a giant primeval bird
in an empty lot in fresno
miles & miles of hotel corridors
& elevators, filled with citizens.

motel money murder madness
change the mood from glad to sadness.

play the ghost song baby."

"forgive me father for i know
what i do.
i want to hear the last poem
of the last poet."

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