Wednesday, December 09, 2009

once legendary, now legend.

will probably post later today about a new art/writing project i started earlier this week, but for now, please check out this photo gallery of 'Ethiopia's Vanishing Tribes.' the fact that these peoples still exist make me feel so many different things, believe it or not. i kind of like it, i kind of don't, i'm not really sure where to go with it. but their purity is beauty.

either way, these photos are GORGEOUS. 19 is my favorite, followed by 8 and 2.



B. Martinez said...

I completely agree with your mixed feelings and I feel the same way. I think about these kinds of things all the time- which is the right way to live, simply and unencumbered by the anxieties of modern life, or to the fullest extent of man's progress?

The way we live, with chemicals in our food, overloading our brains with information quicker than evolution can adapt, takes its stressful effects on us. However these may be the necessary evils that come with experiencing the pressing dreams of man. Technology, modern medicine, massive communication. I can't imagine ignoring them.

One of the captions mentions that "people don't live long around here", and that's a really important detail in the argument for me. No matter how I live my life, I want it to be as long of one as possible. I want my hundred years. But it's impossible to deny the beauty and drama of tribal life, and so even if it's not for me I can always appreciate its place in the world.

captain self destruct said...

uhh, yeah. what Brian said.

I totally agree though. articles like this make you feel SO conflicted.