Tuesday, May 31, 2011

eastern europe bale fires.

i've been a fan of dan hillier's work for a couple of years and i've definitely posted a few links to some of his pictures on this blog, moments after seeing the pieces, simply because someone else needed it. then and there. it had to happen. disbelief.

he had a show in brooklyn last april, on the 7th. through cowardice, laziness, excuses, many of the above and more, i didn't go. i know artists don't "break up", but this is exactly the kind of regret i felt when every band i've ever loved has broken up and i know i skipped a show because i'll catch the next one, and so on. pathetic.

i went on his website this morning after linking in from a show flyer he had. the site is sparse, not much there. but i clicked, randomly, on a piece of the page which appeared to be simply blank, but it yielded something incredible. truly one of the best pieces of work i've seen, both from a written standpoint, but based on the visual artwork as well.


check it out here.

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Brian Martinez said...

Thanks for sharing that, it was great. Somehow even through your posts I didn't know this artist or didn't remember that I did, but I'm loving the stuff I see now.