Thursday, October 06, 2011


i have been waiting forever to get a writing desk.
been looking for a good desk to sit down at and really get down to it.
just moved into a new house, and one was abandoned here.
the room i moved into had the perfect wall for it.


MisterSpaniard said...

Meant to be dude.

.steve said...


i saw it, and they had been using it in the kitchen since there is yet to be a dining table. i bit my lip. as soon as dining sets starting being discussed, i think the best way to describe the way i requested for it to be mine is for you to watch the movie backdraft.

Brian Martinez said...

Excellent. A good writing spot is crucial. It becomes a trigger point, like walking into the kitchen and feeling hungry.

I believe it was Virginia Woolf who said, "A woman needs money and a room of her own if she's to write fiction." So it looks like you're halfway to becoming one of the great, female writers.

Dissect the Spine said...

alarmingly excited to hear this.