Tuesday, January 03, 2012


i wouldn't consider myself an archivist, but honestly if i still lived in brooklyn and attached myself to that artist lifestyle, i more than likely would. what i can say is that i love finding people's written word. i almost obsessively collect it. even if it's just a shopping list or notes from a construction site. i collect them, and pin them up places, or stuff them into whatever notebook i happen to be filling at the time. it's almost proof or almost nothing. there's something about it that i get a warm feeling about.

this particular piece was in the next door neighbor's driveway. in the driveway itself. and i walked past it, almost intimidated by getting on that person's property, because already this is the kind of guy who we've been warned about, the kind of guy where if you're too loud in your own room at 11:36 at night, you feel like he's peering through the shades at you. the kind of guy, in fact, that knocked on our door at one thirty in the morning because someone parked in front of his house and heard that someone get into their car and "it disturbed him and his family".

but i went back and said fuck it, i'm taking it. which is no heroic gesture or maneuver, but still, while i'm walking into his driveway, the number of scenarios coming into my head are numerous and the explanations of excuses i'm building are hilarious and terrified. but i grab this and i see the first line of it and i know immediately that it's been worth it.

it's a story written by a child, and i can very memorably recall that feeling of writing stories on pieces of loose leaf, and thinking that a chapter can fill just one page, and then you put the illustration on the back of it, because obviously all books have illustration. i pinned it up under my adventure time logo because it makes perfect sense to. what follows is the transcription.

chapter 3
the transformation

Then Nachos came and then Something happened to steven. I couldn't believe it. was I transforming? Lets see my 1st transforming Power oh yeah It's called R.t.p. that stands for radioactive transforming powers Rtp for short. The power is I have blonde hair you can throw Powerballs, Lightning Strike, Lightning Balls, and Gigantic power balls. Then Someone Named Master dokoye He said the transformation has began! Rtp will live forever! Then Some bad creatures came they had Sharp teeth So I said I'll kick you butt!

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