Tuesday, April 14, 2015

god in the wet dirt outside of kansas city.

wrote this dream on microsoft notepad and it crashed. as it was crashing, i took a picture with my phone. but it seems that i got most of it. it was days ago, so the beginning is shaky. the picture i took picks up in the middle of a paragraph. i don't remember what came before it, but it seems to start off in the beginning. i remember we were living in a city, and we were being led through these big check points, like toll booths in the beginning, like as we were going out of our houses, early on in the day. 

divided into two colors, orange and blue. and at no point did we know what those oclors meant, but we knew there were going to be differences. celebrities started coming in and being part of those teams as well. not teams, but sides. and you could tell camera crews were coming in as well. and filming dialogue with the celebrities but not letting us know what was going on. and when night fell it was almost like a scene from godzilla where there were buildings falling apart and explosions and earthquakes and everyone was running and being 'coraled' into this one office building. and we sat around in these big office lobbies. in an instant, a switch was flipped and the floor and the chairs and the walls became not glowing a certain color but you could tell what color it was. and you could also see what color each individual was. and anyone orange in the blue area was being shoved over the line, or hurt or killed. and i was hanging with my best friend and we didn't know we were different colors and i was trying to talk to him like, hey, it's just colors, who cares? and he was FULLY bought in. just walking away, totally not down with getting involved in an orange team member. and i went so far into that area that i was 'captured' not even touched or anything, just knew that i'd been captured. and to an audience, one of the celebrities said that i was going to be executed in front of all of them. and some were applauding, some were laughing, some weren't paying attention. … so I was put down on my knees with my hands behind my head like a ‘prisoner’ style. and this guy had this massive switchblade axe type weapon and he was going to slice my head off with it. but time ran out or something like that. so ‘at morning’, we all became uncolored again. so the show was over. but at night, the earthquakes would happen again and we would all have to resume our places again. and my friend was my friend again and I was having discussions with people about being executed. and I tweeted or facebooked about it and people were responding to it like crazy. and I started to feel ‘okay’ about being executed. the day was weird because the celebrities hung out with me and I was on tv on one of those good morning America shows on a couch, etc. and that was all a blur, like a memory. and I remember going into the ‘offices’ early and getting set up and people were walking by like “ohh there’s the guy” in a cool way, like I was an athlete or something. and the time came and we resumed our places and as I was about to be killed, I think I was getting rescued but the timing wasn’t working out. things were happening in the background and the peripheral, but no one was stopping the executioner, just the team around him. I either got killed or saved the moment I woke up.

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