Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Yo are you serious? She says "let me hit that before I go out." A mixing and mingling of mind and matter. "I feel like a bunch of fucking hippies." Reliving a lifetime and an experience completely un our own. Tell me that it'll be good enough to not invent our own time period. Our own generation. Hippies set the bar, and we all reach it and fall down, reach it and fall, reach it and fuckin fall. Make new names for your lifetimes. a living legend of a hero that has never even been met yet. That works a job. That makes

Quote. "Oh, you graduated in 2005? I graduated in 2004. You a baby." I'm always the oldest of all the occupants.

"Can you stop climbing on me? I'm not a mountain."

Incubus - The Warmth
Jose playing sideways. Brandon singing. Not everyone here is that fucked up and cold.

Eyes open halfway and never had a chance. Can't see past tonight. Tomorrow might be work tomorrow might be selling or buying. Tomorrow could be another chance to waste a chance.

Thursday - Jet Black New Year.

I wrote her, she never wrote back and ill wait for her forever I think. Where is she right now. Either the worker or the drinker. The swimmer. The lover. The lover. The feeler. The thinker. The writer. The laugher. The lover. The misser. The memory. The disaster. The ever.

And ever.

A fight over who can smoke. And who stole who's joke. "My neighbors are old, but they hear really well." Pwned.

Only three left. Four now. Silence, and eating cookies. And wanting water. Outside and there's a hoodie I can grab and call someone and get in their damn way.

Matter of fact... Daves girlfriend... Her name is jen or something... She looks like Her mom. Kids are going to sleep or making out. What's happening here.

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