Monday, March 26, 2007


Well, at least the wait is over.
We're getting out of here in less than two weeks. If all things go according to plan, that's less than 10 days. Something like 9 days, actually.

It's actually believable now, as opposed to those wishes that despite your grandest effort, you can never seem to make true. We all have one.

Things are a little bit more complex than they were at first, though. Really, it all started with just a move up north to West Virginia. I wasn't entirely FOR this idea, but went with it anyway.

I'm in love with her.
That's why.

But the other night, she introduced me to a week old idea that she gave birth all on her own. Maybe if I went to WV with her, and just existed, worked, saved money, and hungout with her and her mom and sister, I wouldn't be all that happy. Maybe that'd ruin morale. Maybe we'd suffer more from that than anything else we could make happen on our own. Maybe we'd be farther away from everything we knew for longer than we've ever been before.


So, as of today, circa 3:30am, the decision was made to come back to LI at the end of April, after spending some time in WV with the future family-in-law (and possible adopted pet/son). Then get a job. Or jobs. And save money amidst the things that I know. And then, in June, she'll come in to see me. And after that, I think I'll be gone again. Well, I know I'll be gone again. I'm just not sure when I'm going to be ready to get on and get out.

Because we're going West, so we might need a lot of money. And that's going to be the beginning again, just us, and maybe a dog. And we'll have to furnish our whatever, wherever we go.

Hopefully somewhere where it's easy to steal the internet. Because right now, it's proving impossible to get online, from my normal vantage point. I hate this little game that me, and the air plays. It used to be easy, then it got hard, then it got easy again, and now it's hard again. Damnit. And now it's easy again.

I got some albums last night:
  • modest mouse - we were dead before the ship even sank
  • chimaira - resurrection
  • the snake the cross the crown - cotton teeth
  • kaddisfly - set sail the prairie

Plus, yo, Hot Rod Circuit comes out tonight, so I may pick that up at midnight. That is, if I'm out of the TMNT Movie. Or Shooter. Tonight's a solo night, so I have to find something to do while Dave is sick. Tomorrow night, I'll be heading over there for what MIGHT be the last time, which is very sad. I don't think it will be, but it just might be. Dave has BEEN florida to me. And he's the reason I was here in the first place. But I bet we'll just be doing the same stuff as always, which never ceases to keep me very happy. Video games, movies, and horrible horrible imaginary characters.

I sent people things that I've written, and I heard nothing back.

I realized I haven't put new pictures up here in a while, so that's what's going on with the overabundance in here. Those are taken in the now now. You are seeing me write this blog in those photos.

And I think the B&W is just a phase.
It'll pass.

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