Saturday, February 02, 2008

oh, i don't like the looks of this.

the thing is, i don't generally remember my dreams. in fact, for years now i've been saying that i don't dream. occasionally, i'll have to backpedal and say that yes, i know i dream i just don't remember them.

in the middle of january, i started writing down my dreams, no matter how small, in a pad i'm keeping next to my bed. i don't want to say that it's become important to me, but i'd like to definitely stick to it.

coming back to a dream that i had even just TWO days ago has been an almost rewarding experience.

before i go to sleep, i can usually hear voices. useless conversations. i'm not saying they're ghosts or anything. just scenarios, in a way.

maybe you're just not in the habit of it anymore!
three straight children. //
my parents aren't still divorced..
- kim-voice

you're gonna BREAK it
- mikey-voice

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