Thursday, November 03, 2011

bring me up.

so nanowrimo has begun again. i remember that i had begun during last year's in writing something i had somewhat shaped in my head and then started running at 12:01 on 11/1. it didn't come together as i'd thought as i got overwhelmed with the goal, word-wise and underwhelmed with the overall concept i had and the actual words that were coming out. (see what i'd written here)

this time around, it's all very random and a little more patchy (much like the beard i'm allowing to overtake my face) but it's more fun, and i feel more drawn to it than i have in the past. i'm not concentrating on word quantity, but more the act of getting down to write something all on one massive project. i'm generally more one to open up a piece of blank notebook paper, start with a line and run on randomly for whatever time it takes until the dagger hits the hilt. it's rare that one project makes sense to me for more than an hour. maybe this will go over well.

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