Monday, November 07, 2011


click the above picture to get a little glimpse at my profile for the work i'm doing for nanowrimo. it'll probably be very static save for the word count, which is something i plan to update as i take it on daily.

as i learned from reading brian martinez' piece from last year's nano (kissing you is like trying to punch a ghost) it doesn't have to be as demanding as it seems. it's about telling a story, almost like sitting down at a campfire with an idea and exciting yourself and anticipating your audience's moves a lot less than your characters'. each character has a voice and a path and you let them speak through you. almost a channeling piece.


Brian Martinez said...

Keep sitting at that desk.

Brian Martinez said...

As of 11/16 you've written 4,172 words of your project, while I've written 6,872 of mine. I'M BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF YOU.