Friday, January 11, 2013

when i was here.

recommended living:

write a letter a month. to someone you don't speak to anymore, to someone you love, to someone you live with, to someone you want to tell something, to someone you don't tell anything. it doesn't have to be deep and illustrative. just keep your thoughts fresh, keep your thoughts bare and easy to share. catch people up. feel okay about all of it. think hard over it or don't think at all.

if you hate your handwriting, put it in an email.

let people know you're still real, outside of your facebook check-ins and your tweets and your xbox achievements and your tumblr posts. let people know there's stuff going on in your head when you're out drinking with each other. there're things that you're just not thinking to say at any given time, and you are okay to put it out there when it is.

if you put it in a letter and not in a text, it shows you set the time aside to do it.
texts fall out of us and then off of us.

write it for them.
don't expect a response. but be grateful for one.

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