Monday, July 31, 2006

five, ten, ocean, twenty.

Someone asks "So, what's ur deal?"
"I'm taking over america," I say. "One word at a time."

I see someone mouth the words, "fuck everyone." I'm not sure the context he's referencing. Somewhere surrounded by silence I think we'd agree on a lot of things. Then again, maybe not.

Where I'm at, I think Matthew Fox is the DJ. And he loves retro lounge music.

Here, no one likes me, except the one person I'm here to see. A goal set 6 years ago. I'm for real.

Here, no one likes me, but they like the people they speak to even less.

I wonder what the cutoff is. The age limit, the price limit, the size limit on t-shirts. And at what point humping your friend is better than minding your own business, and waiting patiently. I'm for real.

"He knows nothing, and I know too much."

Here, in miami, no one looks like me. I could be Slovakian. They don't know how I do in my town. My country.

I laugh at conversations happening in different timelines. In different lifelines.

Second looks are worth what it takes to make that first look.

Imagine Nextel Walkie Talkies. Now imagine them in other languages.

What if I never make it home?
That's a fear I can't bring myself to face.

It Dies Today - My Promise
Poison the Well - A Wish

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