Friday, July 07, 2006


i told you this already. "you're making a huge mistake."
i saw you already. there just aren't any surprises.
welcome to the periphery.

i just want to think that i missed out; is that okay with you?

nothing is happening here.
i just saw you already.
and if it makes you feel any better,
probably not, i've already left, sign at the bottom,
they'll never see it coming.


Rahul said...

explain this to me.

por favor.

steve said...

si, es no problemo.

it's a lot easier to explain than i wish it was, man. you know me. you know how it goes.

who do you think i think made a huge mistake. yeah, to this day. who did i see already since then. who wasn't i surprised by.

most importantly, who's in the periphery.

even if i'm not missing out, i just want to think i am. because at least then it'll feel okay to feel the way i feel sometimes.. the way i feel when i need to write these things.

i wrote a letter.

and, yeah. nothing is happening here, if you think of here as the situation and not as a place.

after it says, "if it makes you feel any better..." that's i guess where it makes things a little weird.

that's small selections from one side of a dialogue i had with someone that i was speaking to for about 10 minutes at work.

hope that sums it up, man.
do you even like this stuff?