Friday, May 25, 2007

the best of what i'm waiting for.

The High just crave simplicity. to sit in the sun, to listen to an
album, to laugh, to synchronize with company. even just to fly.

new circa survive album for streaming on their myspace. (link)

my weakness is my hairy back. I can't even sit in my own backyard on a
weekend without a shirt without listening for the laugh track of
witnesses. like some god-satellite will scorn me for living on with this
infection. i lost 25-30 pounds in florida, and even still, when i took my shirt off at the beach, the first thing my best friend could say is, "Steve's got a hairy back!"

I go commando more often than not.

I never knew I loved the blues until I saw black snake moan.

once again, nicole scared me straight. the best.

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