Saturday, May 26, 2007


a countdown to the end of reentry, and that's when today ends. slipping through the upper echelons of nineties, and counting backwards. wrap down around the ribs around the collar bones fall back and drown. skin darkens around the knuckle locks. eyes seal around the retroblade. sweat peels off. you warned me about your electric orgasm but i just wanted more, and the door was wide open. she stared me in the eyes and i fucked you.

"is this important to you?" the lover asked, wondering if what her mouth was swallowing was creating a lasting impression.

"is this important to you?" the liar asked, wondering if, in the long run, the vessel would remember its flight.

"is this important to you?" the lesion asked, wondering if, when the blood was done flowing, the scars could match his constellation.

he came in her collarbone,
untied her, and left.

the antennas wanted to hear it all,
record the face she made when she felated.
hold the esophagus dear,
x-ray a phallus, cock-hard and dick-sure.
and does she let out a liquid sigh when she's completed.

i gave in to her,
let that face
let that voice
let that memory
let that goddamn body
eat me a-fucking-live.

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