Saturday, May 26, 2007

too much good in the world.

"i drew a rose"
turned into a mind lapse that lasted until exasperation.
it was probably something about her, anyway.

new phone soon.


i finished dune, actually. i loved it. i loved the fact that frank herbert put so much into the world of arrakis (and even caladan, a place left behind). the religion, the hierarchy, the geography. he even touched upon pieces of its biology.

i can't imagine anyone being into this book unless they were into sci fi, however. i mean, let's face it, there are sand worms.

i actually got a true feeling of surprise from herbert's style, when he would change from stark, realism in his world of devout science fiction, into complete lucid mode. his descriptions of seeing forward through time and space were wonderfully done. i think sci-fi can be done by one of two people:

  • sci fi nerds
  • writers with outward imaginations

herbert just happened to be both.

i heard the movie is complete trash.
no clue.

and it's sort of weird, because when i finish a book, i usually like to summarize it, and give folks a much better look at things, but in this case, it just is what it is. i didn't underline any lines from the book, and i sort of regret it. i like giving little pieces of what it was about back to you all. this time, i just can't do that.

hey, i finished world war z, as well.
and vampire hunter d.

world war z was good. nothing mindblowing, except for style.
vampire hunter d was complete bullshit. i hated it.

candid photos.

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