Wednesday, August 01, 2007

an attachment.

i can't wait for september.
i can't wait for you.

i went bookshopping at three different places tonight. there's always that endless need for more and more words. i have a queue very literally twenty two books deep. oh, lord. this is definitely something i need to start focusing on, because none of them are books that i just happened upon. each of these are ones that i have a genuine interest in and i am psyched to dive into.

i was trying to explain today how i don't even know what i do with my time. i get home from work, maybe eat dinner, head up here, and then it's a blur. i spend SOME time on the internet, but i'm not abusing it. i'm not myspacing out. it's really not that big of a deal. i'd know. i don't watch tv. i haven't played ncaa. it's been insane. i haven't even been talking on the phone that much. it's just constant kinetics. and i just want to settle down.

there's some decent music coming out lately. the new portugal was great, the emmure is insane. common's album came out today, and i'm so iffy about even listening to it. the last album, Be, was perfection. and since, common has been in movies, has guest spotted on a bunch of albums. it's worrisome to see what this guy has been up to for a couple years. i've just hit play on the record, and we'll see where it leaves me at the end of it.



Przybojewski said...

Speaking of September, I'm coming to NY with Dave. We have a wedding in Montauk so I'll be on the LIRR much of the day. Maybe we can swing in for lunch? Then get back on. September 22. A Saturday.

steve said...

i'm totally into that. let's play it by ear, especially when you have the whole "stopping in" thing going on. i know how vacationing can tend to sweep you away. things look good on paper and on monitors. carrying through is a little bit tougher. i'll put in a request to be off that day, if at all possible.

Przybojewski said...

I always carry through. FYI. You're the one that didn't stop on your way to Floorida.

I've been planning to stop in and see you since I heard the date for the wedding. Which was Feb. If you are working, that is one thing. Too busy with anything else is a different story.