Sunday, August 26, 2007

looking back on this day.

got new plans to make. the big build up for the small let down. the future you were riding... the "there's always this..." - it's just not happening anymore. and nothing even had to happen.

"he just went crazy."

sad isn't even the word. it's just showing my face around here again that's the hard part. another six to eight months of life threatening balcony walking. being the weird kid. "i am so out of here."

The West War Ours.
Where do i go from here?

it is. it's learning to breathe again. hard and long. full lungs expanding and stretching, capillaries bursting.

starting to think about where i'll be sleeping for months... because you know me.

the dialogue goes, "no, i'm not worried."

there's no going back the way i came.

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Dissect the Spine said...

Where are you?