Sunday, September 02, 2007

god, if you exist
please steady my limbs.

i don't want to rend this man asunder.
his face is already bad enough.

by voice or shining light,
show me that fists is not the way to destroy what has already been destroyed.

i don't believe in a god that could steady me.
but i to draw on something sort of ethereal to not unleash on this one kid.

and thinking back, there have been people i've known to cross my path, even on a frequent basis that i have needed to functionally draw myself back from. richard gill, my arch nemesis, for example.

but i have never been around someone as frequently who brings me to such a point as consistently and without humor as he does. and having known an entire life time of not so good to average looks, i'm not one to point out "the ugly factor". but, his face is gnarled into a twist to match the way he's lived his life. and the events unfolding in his life right now show that there is some form of higher justice taking place.

but on a day to day basis, at least once, i need to remind myself to breathe easy.

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