Thursday, September 06, 2007

barter weakness for vice.

i think i'm chemically depressed.
i'm glad i have the awareness to know that nothing's really wrong.

i have major trust issues
that i can only specifically describe as an addiction.
if i'm not worrying, i go into withdrawal and then that's when i really start to worry.

i wish i were beautiful for a day.
"do you think being attractive is a burden?"

i love words and numbers.
these are the only ways we can communicate on paper.

i'm deficient somewhere and i have a hole to fill somewhere.
this is how i ALWAYS feel.
that, and the CONSTANT feeling that i'm about to forget what i am going to say.

count twenty two minutes, and she will be here in twenty nine hours.
there has never been a trembling like this.

i've engineered the construction of a sexual monument.
now to make this something organic.
something best described as tender and genuine.
now to make this something real.

i have a hard time believing that anyone could miss me.

1 comment:

captain self destruct said...

i miss you, bitch.