Wednesday, September 05, 2007

i caught him. the moses tart.

-- Stabilize; stabilize.

- james, we need to get this kid a new cannon. one with a longer fuse, slow as a goddamned wick. less firing on the city, little more time to detract his statements.

-- One less building destroyed, one less life refiled.

- i'm glad you're with me on this one, james. i'm glad you're with me. one week at a time, the eyes roll back. one week at a time, the kid gets the chamber. and one week at a time, he reevaluates the values he's made.

- Body count's too high, serotonin levels off the charts. A tactical nightmare.

-- you said it. what kind of progenitors would we be without this kind of self awareness? what this kid needs is a direct line of self assurance. if only such a thing could be extracted, pasteurized, liquefied, and vein-sipped through the iv. then we'd have a machine on our hands.

- The like's of which she has never seen before.

-- you've got that right, buddy.

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