Monday, September 21, 2009

along for the ride these days.

Just got up to leave the starbucks i was sitting at and there was a guy editing and writing in the margins of a screenplay with his head in one of his hands. It was at that moment that i wish i was actually able to finish something narrative that i was proud of to drop it off on his table on my way out and say, "hey man, if you have the time..." then walk out.

I wish i wasn't such a hobbyist.


B. Martinez said...

This is something I suffered from for years, up until very recently. I think you've caught a hint of how much I used to start and abandon things. It was a bane, but two things happened to me that stopped it.

One, I got older. It's a bit of a stereotype, but age makes patience. I developed the ability to stay interested in a story after the rush of holy-fuck fades.

And two, I quit my job and was unemployed for two months. I treated the writing as a job that I showed up to every day, no excuses. I learned not just how to write a book, but how I specifically write a book, so that when I started working again I had less time but held onto what I'd learned.

That's what worked for me, for what it's worth. Either way I fully relate. And that guy in Starbucks probably has problems of his own.

steve said...

most of it is definitely my fault. i get caught up in so much stuff, i don't allow myself to commit to ANY one thing, even if it's something i love. like the concept of a piece of fiction. i think that's definitely a key component, though. getting into a place where you know your method thrives. a place, a mood, a surrounding, an environment, a sensebay. i'll get there eventually.