Wednesday, September 09, 2009


has happened and it's unjustifying to put it into words.
but the internet is back up in some level of regularity, thanks to the productivity of air waves' ability to carry data.

- just started listening to winds of plague today, and it is probably the best NEW band i've heard all year.
- speaking of best _____ all year, batman: arkham asylum holds that slot for video game of the year. hands down. note: i am NEVER really into those stealth games, so if that's holding you back, at LEAST give it a shot. demo's up on the networks. and i could give a DAMN about the bat, usually.
- been reading, but not posting my underlines. i will.
- writing a book with ernesto. not sure when we're done. i guess we'll know.
- project witness went DOWN.HILL. but it got me to write in a way that's completely different from what i usually put out there, which is a challenge i hoped i'd present, at least to myself.
- bought a sketch book. drew on two pages.
- going to st. louis in october.
- went to vegas last month. left my mark.
- i, uhh, i live in queens now?
- love.


B. Martinez said...

Project Witness did the same thing for me, which I'm grateful to you for. We'll salvage it somehow.

I'm curious about the co-writing of a book. I've always been interested in how someone would do that so you'll have to tell me more. I know there's a site that lets people do exactly that though I forget which one at the moment.

steve said...

hey man, sorry it took me some time to respond. um, yeah i've always wanted to write something with you. it's hard to start something because someone has to commit to an idea but once you start going somewhere with something it gets to be challenging at times, but it's rewarding, for sure. you just kind of need to attack it.