Tuesday, June 21, 2011

in swaths.

i'm generally not INTO art pieces or visual artists in general, and the only reason that is true is because i, myself, haven't come across very many that i can get into by name. the medium is so silent, very reflective. it often doesn't elicit very much from me, other than inspiration for greater, farther reaching ideas. also, having never studied art, or had any friends who have, i'm again a bit of a guerilla style fan, picking up what i can from environment and in passing. oftentimes, this has served me better than word of mouth. my path sort of devises itself.

the above artist is gustav klimt and much of what i'm seeing from him is very densely populated by color and thought. seems very huddled together. i enjoy it, to a degree. sort of slowly looking for more.

i love that the above painting is entitled mermaids.
there's something very wrong about them.

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Brian Martinez said...

Glad to see you discovered Klimt, he's Natalia's favorite painter. We have two prints of his in our place, one in the living room and a big one above the bed.

I've come to really appreciate his work because of her, and we even got to see a few of his original paintings in Europe. We pretty much went to Vienna to go to the museum which houses a lot of his paintings, only to find they had just a handful on display and the rest in storage.

I think he was really ahead of his time in that he combines portraiture with graphic design. I don't know much about the time period, so maybe other artists were doing it, but I feel like I've never seen it done, or at least done so well.