Monday, June 13, 2011


justine and dan came back to new york to visit for justine's birthday. dan lived here for his whole life. and justine did want to see the beach (which wasn't in the meterological cards). but i like to tell myself that some percentage of why they came here was to see me. so i will have to repay them with a trip to west virginia, somewhere in my temporary relocation exploits.

i wrote her a birthday letter that was written expressly, very deliberately.
the words came quickly.
having her in my life is a pretty big deal.
there are some people that i want to sync myself with,
have our sensory traffic interweave.
she is one of them.

here are some pictures i took that i enjoyed while she was here. the rest are on my flickr.

and here is a picture of capone,
exhausted from the weight of reason:

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david jonathan newman said...

I heart Capone. got some great memories with that kitten.