Sunday, June 12, 2011


the canon powershot elph 300 hs.

as if that means any damn thing.
i bought that camera today.
i'm stoked. it's super small.
i have a good amount of friends who do a good amount of things.
i've never had a digital camera.
glad to add it to my crew.

about a year or two ago, i was thinking about buying a digital SLR camera on the recommendation of a friend who is really into technology, and also a friend who graduated with a degree in photography. the more i looked into it, the less i felt i was going to use it for its true purpose. so i got a small little camera that i thought was cute, and knew i would use.

i started feeling bad, and almost fearing the fallout from my tech friend.
i still kind of do.
i'm worried that when he reads this, he will know at least three glaring reviews off the top of his head that he will CITE FROM MEMORY once he sees it.

i'm still stoked to take pitchers though.


Brian Martinez said...

When you say "Tech Friend", I assume you mean robot. And you should NOT let robots push you around.

The best purchase is always the one you're going to actually use. I think you made the right choice. Who knows, maybe you'll fall in love with pitcher-takin' and decide to buy an SLR later on, and then you'll have both for their distinct advantages. It's the same reason I keep a guy on the side.

david jonathan newman said...