Monday, June 18, 2007

the last inch.

i started a twitter account.
read it here.

for those not in the know, twitter is a free ultra-micro-blogging service that allows you to update in brief splashes that can go no longer than 140 characters. rahul had one, and i figured it was useless, until i realized that my brain is either possessed, horrible, or has a lot of trash in its recycle bin.

brian, you can relate.

i've decided to title it the last inch, because these things tend to be on the tail end of the ticker tape of the internal clickity-clacks.


the new john mayer album (well, new from last year... continuum) is genius. i can't believe i didn't get it sooner. i loved it then. still love it now.


rahul, for your tech blog:
- twitter
- acura mdx
- new laptop
- pligg
- new phone (old school)
- flickr (as a service)
- vista (at length)


Seersuckered. said...

Steve, Just Say No to Twitter! You're becoming one of themmmm.

steve said...

well, hahaha, when i saw what rahul was doing with it, and if i followed that format, i would completely agree with you. but i think i'm doing mine with a little bit of "direction" and "intent" so i feel a little safe from being one of those people who need to know that people need to know what they're doing at all times.

i know that people don't care about my life. and i know there is no need to air out my thoughts on the internet. this is just a ventilation shaft, and occasionally, a place to leave some creative juices out for anyone to come and feel something from.

Dissect the Spine said...

Where are you? update!!!!