Wednesday, June 27, 2007


since i've started working at a gaming store, i'm again surrounded by the gaming industry. where at one point it was the friends, the conversations, and the magazine subscriptions, now it's the constant driving of product to the sales counter.

so expect to see a lot of what's hot, what i'm stoked about, a little old school, a little new school, and all types of things video game related in here. again. because i know i've done it before.

first off, i've never really been CRAZY about the wireless scene. i tend to be 100% no frills. i don't usually take the steps up in order to be in-line with all the top tech stuff, (no high-def, slow in getting a next-gen system) but seeing as i have no real comfortable place to play my games in my room at this point in time, i figured i'd go ahead and get on the ball and make it so that if i found a spot to chill and play a game in, the threshold of the cord wouldn't hinder my gaming comfortability. so once a logitech wireless remote came in, i was ready for action. i'd used this once or twice at dave's house and liked the feel and weight of the control and its buttons. for my first night of ps2 gaming in SOME time (aside from a quick few rounds of the new burnout at brian's), i was in a good place. so were my thumbs.

the game of choice tonight? GOD OF WAR 2. I got this game a while back, while I was still at FYE. for some reason, i just never picked it up. i was completely excited to, especially after having loved the first one so much. it sat, and it sat, and i never quite got that urge to pick it up and start wailing away at zombies, or whatever the fuck the gods are sending at me. tonight, in my first steps back into ancient greece, i have already fought the colossus of rhodes, zeus, and a titan inside of an ice mountain. i've also gained the help of another titan, gaia, who will help me find the sisters of fate in order to go back to the moment zeus killed me and stole my powers. this game could seriously be part of the first one. it doesn't skip a beat. there are a few additional moves, and the menus are a little different, but from graphics to gameplay, this is a direct sequel to the orignal. and that's a very, very good thing. more on those adventures, i'm sure, as i play.

i also bought some new games to check out later this month (well, july).

- freedom fighters
- devil may cry
- the suffering

i've been looking forward to getting back into video games for a while, and i guess i finally got the kick in the ass i've needed. i have asked for suggestions, and dave gave me a few. anyone have any good heads up for ps2 titles? hit me.

PS: speaking of video games, if you're a hardcore zelda fan, or if you want something to read for a decent amount of time, check out Blogging Zelda. this guy is going back through ALL of the zelda titles, and essentially giving a play by play. it's very detail heavy, but also extremely understandable. he's just a guy like you or me who has a love for the series. again, tho, there is a LOT of reading involved.

friday i won't be poor anymore.

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Seersuckered. said...

Dave really likes God of War. Is the second one worth a shot?

P.S. I need you to burn me the new THT. Need.