Monday, July 02, 2007

flower children.

while in west virginia for the weekend, i picked up this manga based on that cover alone. the synopsis on the back sounded fine, whatever. but it was that cover that made me want to pick it up. now, i'm into anime, this much is true, but an aficionado, i am not. i wouldn't even necessarily say that i love the stuff. as i think i may have mentioned once or twice before, it interests me, mostly due to its broad possibilities.

a japanese homicide detective is mailed a horrible package (his girlfriend dismembered, and kept alive by a jelly-bath of electrolytes) which sets loose multiple personalities into his psyche. and the common multiple personality disorder type stuff happens. after reading the first installment, what the storyline seems to be is a collection of horrible murders that the various characters (not only the multiple personality character, but others as well) will investigate, while continuously exploring the possibilities present within the multiple personalities.

this series is 18+, and for good reason. the mutilations are pretty twisted. there is definitely a good amount of blood present too. in fact, one of the main reasons dark horse is bringing this manga over here now is the fact that takashi miike actually made a tv series based on the original japanese series. if you're familiar with what takashi-san's taste is, then that will give you an idea of the levels this manga will go to.

i didn't love this first installment of the manga, but i did enjoy it. i can vouch for its quality. i'm looking forward to the second issue. it's not something i'm on the edge of my seat for. but it's something to follow.


the rangers got one of my favorite players... i'm stoked about it.
hockey god, chris drury... he might just be a reason i make sure i see a rangers game this season.

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