Sunday, July 08, 2007


i am the god of war.
who the FUCK are you?

finished it. took ~14 hours.

sick game, if not a little bit too short. a lot of relying on the replay value which i'm not going to go for at all. new costumes are cool and all, but i'm just here for the story. which, all in all, was just more kratos having it out with the gods.

there will be another installment of this game, and will most likely be solely on the ps3. hm.


Seersuckered. said...

Dave and I have been playing this downhill bicycle racing game. Oh, and always Soul Caliber III. So much fun! Congrats on your victory!

Is God of War the game that says silly things like, "SWEET," "CRAZY," "DOPE" when you do well. We have another game that's very similar to God of War, and I can't remember which one does it.

steve said...

i've never heard of a downhill bicycle racing game. it sounds fast. i think if they did it right, that game is probably awesome. if you dig that, you might like the burnout series. DON'T try the newest one, but i think burnout 3, and the one right after that are GREAT.

i never got to play SC3, i don't think, but me and rah used to play SC2 a lot. it was bad ASS.

god of war never stops taking itself seriously, really. so it never starts to get that ironic sense of YOU ARE THE GREEK MYTHOLOGICAL GOD OF WAR, BUT TAKE THESE MODERN QUOTES AND GO DESTROY!

maybe you're thinking of God Hand? i never played that, but i heard it has a good sense of humor, and it has "God" in the title. possible mix up?