Monday, July 30, 2007

and we'd make a fortune.

i intend to be the manager of a damn gamestop by the end of the year. come october, around holiday season, or so, i'm going to ask what my odds of being an MIT is. i've heard on two occasions that this DM is really liking me. he's actually even said in my presence that he's sure the only reason they hired me is because they knew i had the potential to become a store manager. now, i understand that by december, six months into my tenure, it might be asking much. but this is a big world. and i'll be turning 26 in half a year. i don't have time to waste. i haven't had the same drive in any other job ever. and i've only been here for a couple of months.

the only thing i've ever really known that i wanted to do for any amount of time is write. and, realistically, that's not a career move. that's something i do on the side. that's something that i want to have as an "ALSO" kind of thing. because i'm not going to get famous on that. i don't have the concentration for self-promotion and all of that. i can hardly even read other people's books for long periods of time. how am i going to delve into my own little worlds.

i saw the simpsons movie tonight which was OUTstanding. i loved it.

it's hilarious what a turnaround a year and a half has made. is apparently down right now, and my first concern is, aw MAN... now i wonder what site is going to host my pictures. and, i'm downloading a ton of music lately. just to see what's around. and i'm just not sure WHY i don't update that site anymore. i think it's just the lack of a local scene gives that lack of a feeling of centripetal force. there is no world to relate to, without going to those shows and seeing those kids and having things to talk about. and the forum became this HUGE joke. well, no, not REALLY. what it did boil down to was just a place where i could go and talk about things with my friends on a mass basis. that's not horrible, so to speak. it just became a little too specialized. kind of, but not really. i think the fact that we went there so much and the fact that it felt like we all knew each other so well may have alienated other people from wanting to say anything. well, that, and the fact that these kids who were going to shows had no real opinion on these bands or music in general... their friends were in bands so they went to the shows. these little fuckers would show up when their friends played, and left when their friends were done. hilarious. musically, this place has become so irrelevant. i'm okay with that. there are more places to be, more excuses to hit the road and catch shows, and more reasons to head into manhattan, a place that i most likely will never learn. i can't even remember how to get to union square.

my intent tonight was to write on my electronic typewriter. i'm going to do it and try not to get eaten alive by my sister. the clack clacking might disturb her whatever.

tonight, sharks. my words.
tomorrow night, ncaa, others' words.

i got so much distaste for the efforts of others.

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