Thursday, June 07, 2007

they're even poisoning our vitamins.

there's proactivity,
and then there's pretention.

tuesday, i was in a conversation that involved health food, and vitamins, and vegans, and vegetarianism, and that whole sphere of logic. right off the bat, i am already walking on glass with a subject like this. because, it just comes with the territory, people who are vegetarians (and to an even greater degree, vegans) are of an extremist mindset. that's not to say that i'd like to take anything away from their passion, but there is a line that you need to learn how to draw.

let me corral this back. i feel myself ranting.

there are elements of truth in the circle of thought that believes that if you eat well, everything about you will respond with wellness. your health, your body, your physique, and to a lesser extent your emotions, your productivity and your overall aura. but there are people who lean on this like a crutch. these people are cut from the same cloth as those who believe everything printed in the bible is to be taken literally.

the conversation turned over to a conspiracy theory that everything we are eating, including the vitamins we are taking ARE POISONED. that the nation is being overtaken by greed, and ego, and that whole bad guy mentality.

at this point, i'm biting my tongue, holding back a smile.
what i want to say to this girl is, "reeeally."
i almost asked, "and, like, you really believe all of this?"

the thought was that if we all started eating foods that weren't tainted by this worldwide conspiracy to bring us all down, we might all be cheerful, happy, healthy, intelligent utopians.

there was so much i wanted to address but there's nothing you can say to someone who, with sincere, zealous faith, live their lives by this.
there's consciousness, then there's PETA.

greed, ego, and big business have always been there. always. as long as there has been organized civilization, someone has always wanted a bigger piece. the thing is, now, there are actual avenues that you can traverse to make something of yourself. there's a huge payoff to ambition. the money's there to be made. people are just starting to take advantage of that. plus, beyond that, technology has further expanded, allowing a lot more opportunities. it's just the law of surface area. the dot coms came and went, now the streamable media sites are huge and the getting is good. even within that medium, another medium intersects.

the entertainment business is catering to (or adapting to, depending on which argument you'd like to make; both are valid) that "ADD movement", nurturing the four minute episode market and getting ready for that to take off. those looking to buy up adspace are starting to analyze the YOUtube market in different ways, looking more at the number of consistent viewers than hits.

everything becomes a science,
and we are getting that good.

again, the money is there to be made.
it's not greed, it's just ambition.

and for the concept of a whole new breed of food and nutrition that would cure human nature is hilarious to me.
fucking HILARIOUS.

as far as what i was saying about the bible interpretors and the non-meat eaters, again, cut from the same damn cloth. but these people are almost always at each others' throats.

the more traditional, religious folks are more fundamental in just about all that they do. the religious right, with their guns and their meat eating.
the more new age, forward thinking people are more progressive in just about all that they do, from the eastern acupuncturism, to their natural holistics.

the latter will mailbomb your apartment with animal cruelty videos to show you what we're doing while we're eating our burgers and nuggets.
the former will invade your home with pro life pamphlets, sermons, psalms, copies of the king james bible while we listen to our indie rock.
they're fighting under the same war banner, with the colors polarized.

there was more, like parts of your hands hurting signifying your descending colon was irregular that day, and that today was supposed to be an "angry" day.

color by number eating habits to unstifle creativity;
steps to synchronise sleeping habits to improve your ability to hear minor key tones in music.

these are the people who go beyond reading their horoscopes in the paper every now and then;
these are the people who laminate their fortunes from chinese cookies.
the people who abandom self assurance for self-affirmation weekends.
yin yoga to counter yan yoga.

i'm just saying,
if you want to be more health conscious, and you know you can't eat meat because of a personal condition or a personal belief, even, don't eat meat.
if you want to practice your faith by reading directly from the bible, and performing a rosary once a day, then do that.
don't blame a hamburger you ate last night for traffic today.
don't tell your children "that was god's way of punishing you."

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Nicole Przybojewski said...

People shouldn't eat meat because it's sucking the earth dry of its resources. Do you know how much water it takes to produce a pound of beef? Over five thousand. Do you know how many countries there are that don't have drinkable water?

If everyone stopped eating meat, the entire world would be better off. If people ate less (meat and in general) it would help things immensely.

There are billions of people starving to death every year, and we as Americans spend billions of dollars each year learning how to lose weight.

Eat less.
Buy less.
Use less.

Less of everything.
It's all connected.

The conspiracy is that in 15 years we're not going to have a place to live.