Sunday, June 03, 2007

visiting time is over.

i thought this was going to expand into a conversation, so i started saving it. but it didn't. but i'll post it anyway.
it started with a myspace bulletin:

SUBJECT: friday night

. i'm probably going to finish naked lunch, and then watch die hard 3.

. today is actually the "release day" of We Need Girlfriends' new episode. check it out over here. a lot of you all watched the pilot, and shot it down. give a later episode a shot. definitely for you if you dig arrested development.

. listen to look, mexico. holy shit. i'm serious.

. i'm going to disappear soon.

. i'm falling in love with how shitty david lynch is. god, he sucks. which is why he's so great.

. cavs can clinch tomorrow. and that will be my saturday night.


SATURDAY JUNE 2ND, 2007, 8:32a
SUBJECT: RE: friday night

waiiiiiit. are you reading burrough's disorienting masterpiece or are you watching cronenberg's brilliant adaptation of naked lunch?

um, david lynch is never shitty, ever.

SATURDAY JUNE 2ND, 2007, 11:30a
SUBJECT: RE: RE: friday night

i own the movie, but won't watch it without my lady.

i just finished reading the book, and loved it. well, love it. i don't know how to really say something like that. the loving hasn't ended. i loved reading it, and i love the memory of it. something like that.

as far as david lynch goes, man, there's so much that goes into him, it's ridiculous. i'm sure you have your reasons for liking him, but honestly, you have to at least give room for the thousands who like his stuff on the primary basis of it being just weird for the sake of being weird. his movies remind me of hot topic tee shirts. not in the idealism, at all, but just by the way that they're accomplishing their thought-javelins.

i bought a book of by him, called catching the big fish: meditation, consciousness, and creativity because of the sole reason that some of his quotes are gems of terror. the only thing we can ever be sure of david lynch doing is being david lynch. personally, i've seen twin peaks: fire walk with me, and mulholland drive and i thought that was enough for me. but when i found a dvd of a collection of his short films, each one was either just a laugh-fest, or a few of us saying, "wowwww.." to each other.

he seriously reminds me of Pootie Tang. i'm not kidding, man. yes, i just paralelled david lynch to pootie tang. i'm not sure if you've seen that movie (i doubt you have, man; it's garbage) but there's a scene that shows him (a hip-hop artist, i guess you could call him) and he releases a song that is just three minutes or so of silence. and people find it to be GENIUS.

this guy makes it up as he goes along. he has no plan. he has no vision. he just goes out and says lynch-isms to actors and actresses and things happen. from there, it's all editing, and peyote, apparently.

a quote from this book, man.

"one day, still very early in the process, i was talking to laura dern and learned that her now husband, ben harper, is from the indland empire in los angeles. we were talking along, and she mentioned that. i don't know when it popped up, but i said, 'that is the title of this film.' i knew nothing about the film at the time. but i wanted to call it inland empire.

my parents have a log cabin up in montana. and my brother, cleaning up there one day, found a scrapbook behind a dresser. he sent it to me, because it was my little scrapbook from when i was five years old, from when i lived in spokane, washington. i opened up this scrapbook, and the first picture in it was an aerial view of spokane. and underneath it said, 'inland empire.' so i figured i was on the right track.


"i did't have a script. i wrote the thing scene by scene, without much of a clue where it would end. it was a risk, but i had this feeling that because all things are unified," --- c'mon... that's just insane --- "this idea over here would somehow relate to that idea over there."

okay, david.

but yeah, it's for those reasons alone that i continue to watch what this guy's brain prolapse onto film, and just shake my head. maybe people really do see genius in this as an art form. but i see genius in it as him finding a way to make a paycheck out of it.


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