Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Trip. Part I. Departure.

It's 5:20am. I haven't slept since last night. Mostly because sleep hasn't been the kindest beast to me lately, and I know that tonight might've been the night that it would've ben the kindest. Because that's when it would've been the worst. So I'm sortve floating in the awkward father/son silence that us Men always have to deal with. Just knowing and respecting that he drove me and that I understand the sacrifice must be enough, I guess. I just heard a song "Don't Do Me Like That," and he just taught me that it was by Tom Petty. I never knew that I loved another song by this guy. That's 3. And now Space Oddity by Bowie is on. I've been realizing that I like a lot of oldies that I never admitted before. The Cars, and Huey Lewis and the News keep coming up, whether it be commercials, or radio, or movie soundtracks and I'm really starting to get to the point where I want to buy their records. Tack ZZ Top onto that.

I hate that my keys have been taken away. It's not that they won't work, it's that everytime I press a key that is broken, the entire screen will glitch. Why. The road trip that I've been waiting for (tho I am not the driver) and the hands free to write and it has to get ruined now. This is the height of frustration. 717am. Zero words allowed.

It's 1101am. The letters are barely allowing me to use them again. We're at a rest stop in baltimore. We took an exit I remember passing when the trip here was something I would do regularly. The roads have been gray and solemn, much like the ride. Every passenger on this bus (save one elderly woman and one german girl two rows behind me) is the portrait of poverty. I feel so out of place. I think even the driver thinks I have the wrong bus... He had to ask me where I was going when I handed him the ticket. I was the only one. We had a stop in Newark, NJ almost immediately after leaving the city. Again, another area that looked completely ravaged. An older woman (tho the circumstance could age her past her years) sat on a bus stop with a tall Coors Light in her lap. She was definitely rocking, almost definitely weeping. What a sight.

A girl just got back onto the bus smelling like mj. That's one way to travel. She's alone. In fact, I think there are only two groups of two on this bus. And one group of three. The rest of us have our own plans.

104pm. I wish I brought my ipod. And I still hate my keys.

Were in VA now. Just waiting to get to richmond. Were marked to be there in an hour and a half, but I think it'll be a lot sooner. We've hit no traffic and are coasting very smoothly. We pass cars and I half wish I drove. I definitely want to get my car scoped out when I get home. A drive to Boston with a ton of doubts and a passenger won't be fun. And to need to take the entire length of the east coast sortve justifies a thorough look.

I realized this is the first time I left the tri-state area by road since I met Tina. What happened. I wish I knew another traveller. I wish brian and rah weren't so cemented here. I wish carissa had the ability to let ppl down. I wish kerry would just do it. Nicole and I discussed future possibilities. I think we will do something awesome before I'm done. I don't even know when that will be.

[This should have been posted @ 2:30pm on Thursday. Couldn't because of broken keys.]

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