Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Trip. Part II. The Show.

Words to describe the opening band of the show at Nancy Raygun, Feb. 24th:

- the sound check of a cancer patient.
- a down syndrome bowel movement.
- blink182 melanoma.
- the soundtrack of a cyborg holocaust.
- cyanide unicorns fucking.
- uganda, the country.

Plus... Plus there's a midget here.
No joke. NO JOKE.
Line of the set: "niggaz on my momz side, niggaz on my dadz zide." GREAT.

An imagined completely false conversation:
"What does she look like?"
"Well ya know Sarah Silverman? Imagine her... Decapitated from the neck up."

A guy has SOMETHING with bat wings tattooed across his throat.

see a pretty girl, turn the eyes away.
See a pretty girl, turn the eyes away.

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