Saturday, August 19, 2006

a dead epic.

World War Z

brian (resident zombie aficionado; writer) brought this to my attention. zombies are a concept that many people take on in many different forms. you can be a fan of the running zombie, the walking zombie, or the spooky zombie, or the voodoo zombie, and none of them are right.

that is, not until the day comes.

i've read most of the walking dead series. i've been playing dead rising. i am a fan of the walking zombies amidst real situations. running zombies bring to me the same kind've terror as riots and terrorism. even though they're dead, it still feels, to me, that they're alive. it almost eliminates the zombie from the wake of destruction. it feels like it could be anything.

this is a book i'm definitely looking forward to.
however, i have several, still, that i'm trying to get through.
nothing wrong with building a queue.

also, if you haven't yet noticed, i've included an image on the right of the page to my which gives you a heads up on what i'm listening to over the past week. just in case you're curious. you can click that image, and it'll take you to a few more charts as well, including most listened to overall, and recently listened tracks.


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