Tuesday, August 29, 2006


my mind has been caught up in south beach and in new jersey.
i don't apologize.
i want to get lost.

but i'm getting tired of this reaching across miles.


i've been taking notes on life, though, as it goes by. there are some things i've been getting a little curious and excited about. i have receipts everywhere with emotions and interests on the backs of them. i should start carrying around my moleskine, if i'm going to be this observant again. sometimes, i just do the coast-along. it gets me in trouble with myself down the line. if i have that book on me, i won't be able to forget it. stay motivated, stay moving. at least, stay thinking. even if it's concerning anime, flash animated series, and cartoons, at least it's generating electricity. at least it's shaping more folds.

Trinity Blood is a new anime that's going to be coming through to Cartoon Network soon. It has that Castlevania look. The whole Victorian era with firearms thing. Beautiful and majestic if done correctly. Otherwise, it's hokey and full of excuses. With anime, it can go either way regardless of time period and theme. So with both of those in place, we'll see how we can actually do. Of course, this must be the relapse of the Victorian era, because the storyline will take place in the future, amidst a war between Vampire and Human. The artwork is really what intrigued me, not so much the story. It might either fall into place, or fall apart. Wait for it.

Ninjai is something I've forgotten about for over a year. At least. It's a flash animated series about a small ninja boy with mad skills. That's really the best way to put it. His origins are still a mystery. I think I left off somewhere around chapter five, and they actually have a dozen to check out. They take a while to load, but the artwork and interactions are real nice. The voice acting could use a little work at times, but fuck it, that's definitely not what you come to anime for.

Karate is a band that I can thank Nothing Feels Good about. The book is going through the history of emo and the scene. It's not something I need. I think I have most of it down. But small little loopholes and band name-drops are the kind of thing that are obnoxious on the surface, but really, we're all taking a lot of notes. This band is definitely what I imagine when I think of emo. I bought "Every Sister" from iTunes and was digging it big time. I'm previewing all the tracks on that album right now and they all have that same slow vibe to it. It's so low maintenance and sad. I love it.

Fearless will, apparently, be Jet Li's final martial arts epic and I feel horrible about that. From the Once Upon a Time In China series to Hero everything he's done has been at the very least solid. The whole thing is sort've getting the "hype" rumor, which is good. Either way, Li will be representing Huo Yuan Jia, a real person who is one of the most famous martial artists in Chinese history. Regardless, this should be a sick martial arts movie to say the very least, and if Jet Li decides to make it his last, I'm sure he won't go out without some sort of bang. Cross your fingers, bang or not, this is only rumor.


days ago...
somewhere, horrible is happening. someone is saying, "but i can try..." and "but why!" right fucking now, someone's trying to not have an enormous piece of their life disappear. somewhere, they're taking what's left and taking inventory. this guy, no matter what he has, it's adding up to nothing tonight.

this morning
i'm surrounded by this city, but i'm just not here. like staring at the Vatican through the eyes of a demigod.

what is it you needed to show me of the steadied hand? moderate my angles. demonstrate the way the country looks on unlined paper; all splatter-sketched, a new way to see through your eyes. leave me with rustic examples.

i want to feel
your bite and your scratch.

in silent post-vocal hours, i'm playing the unremarkable role of the ambient. the music leaves minor-key stab wounds, soft lights needling in like excavations.

i could just be a terrible aggressor.

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