Monday, August 07, 2006


this post will contain pictures.

to start off the festivities, though, our duck/geese/chicken birds that live around here had babies. it's pretty great, because every once in a while, you'll see the whole clique of them wandering around with either a male or a female (you can tell them apart by their coloring, i'm pretty sure, though i'm not sure who's who) accompanying about 8-10 little chicks. i'm not really sure if these birds are actually ducks or geese, but the reason the word chicken comes into play is the color scheme as well as those gobbler type situations they have on their face. either way, here are pictures that i took of them.

that's that for them.

but let me tell you a story about a parking spot and some chalk.

each apartment in this complex gets one parking spot dedicated to them. so me and dave switch off trying to find a guest spot. sometimes coming home very late from the beach (i'm talking 1 or 2 in the morning, due to work, or any other reason) means that there are NO spots left. so we try to find guest spots earlier on during the day so that one of us is at least guaranteed a spot if we're home late. but we found a loophole in the situation. what if there were a vacant spot?

dave started monitoring this without my knowledge. he found a spot right in our lot that wasn't parked in for a month. i moved in real quick. i left my phone number, just in case there would be a problem. maybe, in some odd situation, the person only parked there when we weren't home. not on purpose. just due to availability and lifestyle differences. so i left my phone number, and our apartment number, and my name. for three days, there was no problem.

on the third day, VERY early in the morning (6:57a) i got a call from a 786 number (that's around here) and they left me a voicemail about the parking spot. i was like oh shit. but that's fine, either way. i take my shower, because i have to go to work, anyway. around 8:57a (i usually leave at 9) i am about to leave, and i hear voices outside the apartment mildly agitated and panicked. so i open our kitchen window a little bit more so i can listen.

the dialogue is something like this.

: yes, it's a little black car, and it's been there for three days.
. three days? overnight?
: yes, and i'm not sure whose it is. they've left a number, and we tried calling it, but he didn't pick up.
. that's horrible. i can't imagine who would do such a thing.
: (unintelligible; still pleading)
. i'll take care of it. did you call the front gate? believe me, this will be taken care of.

at this point, i slipped out the front door, booked down the stairs, jumped in my car and left. i have no idea what the guy who was willing to "take care of it" would've done, but i mean, there was no need at all to find out. i, technically, am in the wrong here. so i leave, and once i get to work and have been there a couple hours, i call the number that called me back. i leave my name, my cell #, my work #, my apartment #, and how they can contact me. i tell him the story about how no one's parked there for a month, and we didn't think it'd be a problem, to get back to me about what the situation is with the spot, and if he just plain didn't want to discuss it any further, that it's fine, i just won't park there anymore unless i hear back from him.

i didn't hear back from him.

it's been another month, and STILL, no one parks there.
it's STILL vacant.

so last night, i took some sidewalk chalk that we picked up on the drive here, and made this.

it might stir something up, and it might cause trouble, but i really would like a reason that i can't park in your spot. even if you CALL me and tell me that it's just principle, that's fine. but at this point in time, i see no reason not to come back to that spot.

any reason would do. "my older mother comes to town intermittently, and we like to keep the spot open for her, because she can't walk very well." ; "i like to have a spot open for friends when they come so they don't have to look for a spot." ; "this is my july home. park there june and august, etc., but just NOT july." give me something; anything, man.

hopefully someone starts parking there. it really pisses me off that such a ridiculous situation has come up. i'm going to try to protest in the most creative ways i can.

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