Monday, August 21, 2006

new steps.

i have this weird thing with sneakers. i will wear a pair until i find the next one. i think this must be how the life of a snail works. but, yeah, i was rocking the asics for a minute. and i was fond of them. i was definitely digging them. but i started daydreaming up NEW asics that i would have to create on my own. and they were urban inspired.

i went to the mall today.

i always stop in shoe stores, just to look at what's out there. and i found a pair that is my new shell. it's also my first pair of converse all stars. check them out.

the brooklyn bridge

the inside; a map of brooklyn

the tongue; brooklyn

okay, so i'm not from brooklyn. so i've only been there once. but i love the idea of what brooklyn USED to be. what it's become... eh, not so much. but believe it has that urban feel that i was sort've going for. it's hard to really touch on what i'd really love. i'd probably be better at photoshopping the pair than actually making them.

maybe i will.


tonight, i got reminded of the power of trees.

of course, me and my modern thinker sensibilities led me to the cross between infrastructure and nature.

i would love to drive through a tree in california. this particular one is located 185 miles north of San Francisco, in the city of Leggett in Mendocino County.

the reason trees even came up is because i was going on (and on and on and on) about where i would love to travel by the end of my youth. i could say by the end of my life, but that's not true. i can never trust the nature of a genuine nature, not even my own. i want the ME i am now to see this.

the very last thing that i want to see before i die is the sphinx of gaza. i have always loved it, and the story behind it.

humans built this.

while the idea that the great tsunami, and insane earthquakes, and hurricanes, and gravity would happen, regardless of whether we are here or not, there are just some things that humanity have accomplished (modern or ancient) that have stolen me.


i bought more books. someone stop me.
(1. 2. 3. 4.)


this sort've devotion, and willpower to partake in self-immolation in protest of a war is the thing of legend. few have the conviction to even voice themselves against a particular cause. this man's death is a landmark. this image is the reminder that allowed it to touch me the way it has. i can't even give credit to the photographer here. i would have paid to witness this.

this is my favorite burning man.
but i have a feeling that might change.

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